Immunization Schedule

Your physician or nurse practitioner will discuss each vaccine at the time of your office visit. All immunizations will be reviewed and updated as needed at each well visit.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call our office during regular hours.

BirthHep B     
1 MonthHep B     
2 Month DTaPPolioHIBPrevnar 13Rotavirus
4 Month DTaPPolioHIBPrevnar 13Rotavirus
6 Month DTaP HIBPrevnar 13Rotavirus
9 MonthHep B Polio   
12 MonthHep A  MMRVarivax 
15 Month DTaP HIBPrevnar 13 
18 MonthHep A     
24 Month      
30 Month      
36 Month      
4-6 Years DTaPPolioMMRVarivax 
11 YearsHPVtDaPMenactra   
12 YearsHPV     
16 Years(HPV*) MenactraMeningococcal B**  
17 Years   Meningococcal B**  

*Third dose only necessary if series started late, after age 15

** Shared clinical decision making